The book “Architectural Remodeling” by the founder of the studio “Rudnik Urbanism Design and Architecture” have been awarded at the International manifestation “Salon of Urbanism” held in Sremski Karlovci in 2016. The quality of the author’s master’s thesis, based on which the book was prepared, has been proven at the international scene. This publication promotes theoretical and examples from national and international practice on the theme of urban renewal in the heritage protected zones of city centers. The author is one of the few researchers in Serbia who defended the master’s thesis in the field of heritage renewal and remodeling, which as a topic is becoming more and more present in the course of a few investors to intervene on inherited tissue, whether it is the owners of immovable property as company or just as a owner as a individual resident in the area. The publication has an essential message, that is, upgrades in city centers, possibly even when it comes to protected objects, but also that such interventions take place with the multidisciplinary approaches that such activities allow.