Lapovo / Serbia

Dr. Aleksandar Rudnik Milanović founder of ” Rudnik urbanism design architecture “studio was a responsible urban planner for the Detailed Regulation Plan for the “Kronospan” plant  in Lapovo Serbia

The urban planning document has been produced with permanent communication with the developer and management structure and with a detailed analysis of all technology process for producing the wood-based panels.

Kronospan is  one of the leading manufacturers of :

  • Particleboard (PB)
  • Medium density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Laminate flooring
  • UF, MUF and MF resins for wood-based panels
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) in Europe

Yilong District ,Guizhou, China

Design made for the Yilong Futuristic City International Design Competition / Yilong District ,Guizhou, China / inspired by poem Floating Island By Dorothy Wordsworth


Topola Municipality / Serbia

Pre-feasibility study


Increasing the maximum capacity of construction land within the protected zone with upgrading the capacity of plots and blocks with a new structure on road regulation, which directly affects the rehabilitation of the existing condition and prevention of further devastation inside the analyzed blocks.

Conceptual solution / Block 1

Congress Center design inspired with a detail from the famous Serbian cultural heritage Karageorge Castle. At the site of the old warehouse, design has been made according to the owner’s project task that has been integrated into the urban planning solution that respects the terrain and heritage architecture in the vicinity.

London Vauxhall

GREEN Tower & Linear Park

The inspiration came from Vauxhall’s history. The missing area of the Vauxhall Gardens from 18 centuries could be replaced with the new green park above the railway line. The urban planning model could be found in the Vauxhall Gardens – the Grand Walk paintings, painted by Canaletto. And finally, the skyscraper will be the proper symbolic structure, that will remind the Vauxhall visitors of the longest hot-air balloon distance trip from Vauxhall in London to Weilburg in Germany. The linear green park above the railway track was the idea which persists on pollution problems, and the problems with present and the future residential needs for open public spaces, regarding the fact of the constructions of the many new high-rise building. Steel construction for a green roof with the bicycle track above the railway line. Green and solar panel walls on both sides of the linear green park. The structural steel frame of the skyscraper, in combination with the bioplastics, and biocomposites material for the design of the facade. Large glass balloon structure as a rotating solar collector with a 360-degree view of the surrounding London cityscape.
Linear Green Park above the railway

TECHNICAL PROPERTIES New district multi-functional linear park with approximately 5ha above the railway line, 1.6ha open public spaces for the basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, skate park, 5km of the bike path, skyscraper with height up to max 480m as an association on a 480-mile balloon trip from Vauxhall gardens to Weilburg.

PROJECT RESEARCH The negotiation between the Mayor of London (at the time of the design process Mr. Boris Johnson), and the representatives of the Network Rail could lead in a way of making the decision for revision of the SPD document for Vauxhall. The priority aims in that plan will be building the skyscraper and linear green public park that could resolve the air pollution and the problem with missing open public spaces in Lambeth council, that will generate essential new structure and spaces by utilizing air rights in tandem with sophisticated engineering techniques.

CHALLENGE Extension of the Nine Elms Linear Park to the Vauxhall walk route will be possible with a set of the ramp, stairs, and elevator system that will be a bypass for the unpleasant inconvenience and not enuff safe walking or cycling throw the wholes under the arches of the railway lines. CURIOSITY It is very unusual that this design was created much before the announcement of the future Cycle Superhighways in London as a part of an Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture, and Public Realm competition for Vauxhall, on London’s South Bank

Vauxhall the Missing Link Competition Competition Entry VX 129