It is my honor to inform all my colleagues and friends that I have been invited as an honorable Speaker at the International Meet on Renewable and Sustainable Energy(RENEWABLEMEET2022), which will be held during March 21-23, 2022 in Dubai, UAE. My dearest friends and colleagues, it will be a great opportunity for visiting Dubai as a new Florence in the architecture of 21 century with a chance to be present with your talk, presentation, symposium, workshop at this conference.

For the valuable discount be pleased to contact Meeting Secretary Mr. Vincent at with a notice that you want to apply with my personal recommendation.

The information about Conference and my presence as an invited speaker


Event on: November | 15-16 | 2021
It is my honor to inform all my colleagues and friends that I have been invited as an honorable Speaker at the International Webinar on Smart Grid & Green Energy Systems. The information about Conference and my presence as an invited speaker
I will be present with a Title:
Hotel Falcon as a future new green building in GCC
at  the Session: Green Buildings and Green Architecture
Feel free to join me at this Webinar.
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11th World Congress and Expo on Recycling

Theme: Recycling: Creating a Sustainable World

About the Conference

Conference series LLC Ltd welcomes you to join the “11th World Congress and Expo on Recycling (Recycling Expo 2019)” during June 13-14 at Edinburgh, Scotland. The innovative nature of the conference and its importance to the current recycling market makes this summit an event to look forward to for all individuals of the environmental community in the field of recycling, waste-management and its related areas.

Recycling Congress 2019: Edinburgh, Scotland is the unification of new technologies in the field of recycling & waste-management to help business professionals connect to  the full potential of their practice. It involves the use of tools and technologies which helps to achieve a certain degree of publicity and broaden the reach of the practice and the practitioner. The conference brings a rare chance for all individuals of the environmental community to upgrade their know-how of the latest technologies & strategies.

Why to attend?

Recycling Congress 2019 has been planned with twofold objectives in mind. The theme of the conference is “Recycling: Creating a Sustainable World” which covers a wide range of critically important sessions.

This Conference aims to bring the advancement in the field of Recycling, Recycling Cost benefit analysis, Environmental Impact of recycling and Recycling: Cause of Pollution Control and also lays a special importance at educating and informing environmental researcher, industry professionals with the latest knowledge of technologies that can be applied to counter the economic under-evaluation ecologist may face in their practice.

Title : Automatic-waste-collection-systems (AWCS) as a buildings instalation and city infrastructure


dr Aleksandar Rudnik Milanović  1

1 Faculty of Architecture, Union – Nikola Tesla University, Belgrade, Serbia

corresponding author e-mail :

The history of Cities notes, that the great achievement of their rising and developing, has been established thanks to the innovation in infrastructural area. In a long history of a man’s willing to capture the nature resources, one of the most valuable achievement was made with sewer system, that use the fresh or atmospheric water as a part of the moveable kinetic cleaning system for houses and cities as a water waste disposal process.  The history of infrastructure, has a great invention in this area such as clay pipe, and the main focus in using these system, was made on the quality of the pipes and their capability to transport the waste. House and building infrastructure, used the pipes thru the history of waste water disposal, and from the ending of the 19. centuries, thanks to the integration of the vacuum systems, the pipes have possibilities to transport the messages, and from the middle of the 20 centuries even the transport of house and cities waste. The main goal in this article is to explain the need for changing the Law on urban planning and construction, according to the benefit that society has from implementing this system in his environment . The future of AWCS will be acceptance of these systems like conventional infrastructure such as sewer or any pipe energy system that is integrated in urban infrastructure, with establishing the regulation for their integration in regulation codes at the international level. In this article we present: (1) the history of infrastructure system in urban area , (2) the past and future of AWCS with representative Case study from the international scene (3) innovative approach for using the existing cities infrastructure as a transport tube for AWCS


Welcome to World Congress on Recycling (WCR-2019)

ConferenceEra invites all participants/members across the world to join World Congress on Recycling (WCR-2019) which is going to be held during May 13-14, 2019, Olympia Hotel Events & Spa, Valencia, Spain.

Recycling Congress 2019 is a trending event which brings together efficient international academic scientists, young researchers, and students making the congress a perfect platform to share experience, gain and evaluate emerging technologies in Recycling and Waste management across the globe. The Main theme of the Conference is “Exploring New solutions for Recycling for Better Tomorrow” which covers a wide range of critically important sessions.

WCR-2019 is a must-attend conference for the recycling industry’s most influential policy leaders, CEOs and government officials. The conference is your opportunity to network with clients, prospective partners, vendors and top materials management decision-makers all in one location, saving your precious time and travel expenses. The conference’s lineup of education sessions will offer attendees the latest on materials processing trends, tactics to boost diversion rates, legislative talking points, market analysis and much more.