Falcon Tower

The architectural approach to form and design was inspired by the Falcon bird from the raptor genus Falconiformes. FALCON can be found in nature in different species of the sub-group Falconidae.As in the heraldic sense Falcon appears as a symbol for the promotion of persistence and perseverance in achieving the goals of states, local communities, families and individuals, this solution is visually oriented as a future landmark, with an identical message for every environment in which it finds itself. Today, the falcon symbol can be found on many state and company signs, especially in the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East.

The facility is designed as a mixed use tower – a medium-sized vertical city, with the possibility of remodeling and increasing capacity depending on the size of the plot on which this facility would be built.

The approach to design was made through the distribution of functions in all segments of the figure, with the possibility of combining them within the building in accordance with the Investor’s business plan. With mixed use, contents balanced with market needs and a unique conceptual design characterized by integrated systems for achieving the maximum level of energy efficiency, this solution can provide an accelerated flow of return on investment.

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