dr Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic

RUDA / Rudnik Urbanism Design Architecture


“Rudnik Urbanism Design Architecture” is a DESIGN and RESEARCH studio founded after two decades of experience in cooperation between founders and the public and private sector, in the field of architectural and urban planning. Further work in the field, will be based on modern and innovative approaches in these areas, using knowledge and research technique for best results in theory and practice . The advantage of this studio is in the great Founder experience in cooperation with the public sector, local governments, public and private companies. Accessing the job with detailed analysis as part of the preparation process for achieving unique integral architectural and urban solutions, we create new and unique values of space to the satisfaction of all former and future clients. They become benchmarks and symbols of professionally done work, whose success is measured by the quality of cooperation and communication with clients at all stages of document processing. A large number of awards at the international and national level guarantees dedication to a business that primarily involves business based on well-designed project tasks, tailored to the needs of the man and the contracting authority.

Educations and scientific status of the founder :

1997. MSc Dip Arch / Architectural Faculty / University of Belgrade

2013. Magister of urban planning and architecture / Architectural Faculty / University of Belgrade

2016. Phd in Architecture and Urban Planning / Faculty of Technical Sciences / University of Novi Sad 

2019. Research fellow  / Issuing authority The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia

Experience :

Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic’s experience appears to be concentrated in Architecture , Urban Planning and Urban Renewal.

His Master Faculty specialty is public building design.

He has 20 + years of work experience, with 7 years of management experience, including a high-level position. Licensed architectural designer , urban and spatial planner, with a  positive approach and communicative skills. He is a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. Flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others with a lots of ideas and enthusiasm.  Awarded at the international and national level for urban planning,  design and architecture.

Author of the awarded book with title ” Architectural remodelation “.

Kragujevac / Serbia         

1998 –             freelance architectural designer

1998 – 2001   Urban planning assistant , chief design architect at Town Planning Institute
2001 – 2004 .  CEO, Regional  Institute for the protection of cultural heritage
2004 – 2014    Urban planning coordinator , Senior planner, Town Planning Institute

2014 – 2017    CEO  Town Planning Institute of Kragujevac

2017-               founder / CEO “Rudnik urbanism design architecture”

Awards / Entry  :

1999.              Grand − prix of the International   Urban Planning Salon, team member, Model plan “ Regional city of Kragujevac ” , NIS / SERBIA

2002.              2nd prize , Architectural design competition for the the Public market,  “Airport City ” ,KRAGUJEVAC / SERBIA

2003.              3rd prize , UUS , Conservation area Case Study Kragujevac ,  International Urban Planning Salon, Nis / SERBIA

2004.              Competition entry, University building architectural design competition , FILUM , Kragujevac / SERBIA

2006.              Competition entry,  Public market “Kalenic” architectural design competition , Public market TRIREME , Belgrade / SERBIA

2008.               Competition entry, Museum of modern art Architectural design competition , MOMA, Novi Sad / SERBIA

2010.                2nd round of evaluation, team leader, Center for promotion the science in Blok 39 architectural design competition, The Centre for Promotion of Science , BELGRADE, SERBIA

2011.                 Finalist, The New Taipei City Museum of Arts Conceptual Design International Competition, The New Taipei City Museum of Art, Taipei, Taiwan /  PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA

2013.                 Competition entry, London Vauxhall – The Missing Link Competition, London Vauxhall Linear Park, LONDON / UK

2014 .                 Bronze A’ Design Award Medalist /  A’ Design Award and Competition, The New Taipei City Museum of Art REDESIGN, Milan / ITALY

2015.                  Competition entry, The Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition /Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation /The Guggenheim Museum, Helsinki / FINLAND

2016.                 Honorable mention / A’ Award and Competition  / London Vauxhall Linear Park REDESIGN, Milan / ITALY

2016.                  3rd prize, International urban planning exhibition / Academic book, Architectural remodulation / Koraci / SERBIA

2017.                   Competition entry, ‘ Naian’ Cup International Competition for Sustainable Design / The Red Crowned Crane Botanical Center, Jiangsu Province,  Suqian / PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA

2017.                   Competition entry, Yilong Futuristic City International Design Competition, The Floating island Residential building zone, Yilong District, Guizhou / PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA

2020.                  Competition entry, Thessalonike the mermaid princess, ArXellence 2 by ALUMIL Competition endorsed by UIA, Thessaloniki / GREECE

2020.                   Competition entry,  International Design Competition for Library / SONGDO International City /  S.​KOREA2022.                   Competition entry,  International Design Competition for VTZ Arsenal Kragujevac / SERBIA

Studio INFO

Business Name of Entrepreneur: Rudnik Urbanism Design Architecture

Registration number / Registration number: 64767062

PIB assigned by the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia: 110260778

Beginning of activity: October 4, 2017

Major activity: 7111 – Architectural activity

contact phone : +381611696009

Contact e-mail:

Kragujevac/ SERBIA