SERBIA / OLD Military Technical Institute

Old Military Royal Arsenal Complex in Kragujevac

GPS http://shorturl.at/gmqL9

Immovable cultural property of exceptional importance

There are 151 facilities within the Arsenal complex.

I dealt with the topic of urban remodeling of the Arsenal protected zone during the preparation of the magister thesis, with a series of lectures held through the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, on which occasion I wrote a book with international examples of approaches to the renewal of such zones, which was awarded at the 2016 Salon of Urbanism.

Modern approaches to solving the problem of urban renewal require the necessary steps for making important decisions for both investors and urban planners, who without previous Reconstruction Assessment Studies (RAS) may not be able to adequately approach planning, which would meet all necessary interests equal public ( the state and the city of Kragujevac) as well as the interest of the companies and investment funds that are willing to invest in the city of Kragujevac.