Urban regeneration / Thessaloniki

The proposal has been made for the Sfagia area near the city’s western entry point. The research has been made for the industrial heritage zone an attractive area for a private-led, mixed-use large-scale redevelopment, including commercial, residential, education, culture, leisure, and recreation uses.

The various indoors and outdoors communications have been chosen as a unique way to promote Waterfront mobility such is a pedestrian path around every block, bicycle path that connect all block at the location, the unique hanging garden bridges that connect all the buildings as a linear park for recreation that could be used from the east to the west and the other way around as 1400m circle track above the ground that could be used in every atmospheric condition because of their option to be open or closed roof hanging bridges. The old building and spaces around them have been designed as public squares and resting points around the new pedestrian and bicycle paths in the complex. 

A sculptural depiction of a mermaid on a rock with a fin on the façade solved as a layer of glass cladding in combination with sunshades between the steel external reinforcement, whose fundamental piece is formed by two powerful inverted V, which have the height of two levels.

A Thessalonike tower is a multi-functional object and the sculpture all in one that will bring the new identity not just for the new CBD but for the whole city and Greece as a future world wonder and the highest sculpture in the world in the honor of the Thessalonike as mermaid princes
If this idea will be accepted Thessalonike tower and Greece will be in a situation to bring back their trone as a new CBD that hosts the architectural and sculptural world wonder.

She  waits by  the sea
still expecting  the good news about his half brother Alexander the Great

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