The  National Football Museum

The  National Football Museum will be a unique space  that promotes the state of Qatar as a great host of the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022.  The museum has  been designed  inspired by the Nikola Tesla  inventions such as  rotating magnetic field (1893 .), experiments with lightning (1899.) and Tesla turbine (1913.). The Museum has 12 curved pylons  that symbolized players + manager  in a position of holding the ball  together, promoting the football  as a team game. The design concept  of the pavilion is culturally and environmentally appropriate, and meets the goals to promote  the future new events  in Mena region. The museum will  have a promotional  space dedicated  to all the previous WFC hosts countries  with 18  exhibition space area inside the museum.

* this design has been copyright protected by the WIPO

and it is an E-base of recorded and deposited copyright works at the Intellectual Property Office in Serbia

with the  ID number   A-279/2019


  1. Genijalno! Fantastično! Svaka čast!

    • Hvala Saška…postoji celo Idejno rešenje koje je zaštićeno u Zavodu za intelektuialnu svojinu. A sajt koristim samo za osnovne pikaze da bi uspostavio komunikaciju sa potencijalnim investitorima

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