Public call for EU Institute and flooding and law experts for joint research

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As floods in inland areas especially river flooding is the most common type of natural disaster across the globe, and also one of the most harmful to people and property during my Ph.D. research I made the thesis about the new possible urban planning tool in practice as a multi used structure for protection the urban environment from flooding. Here is the link


from a Serbian official government site about my doctoral thesis and that chapter ( page 193-200) with an analysis of flooding in the Sava river basin in Serbia. Future detail research as a HORIZONT 2020 project will be held with the 3d simulation of flooding wave and their impact on the new urban structures. The results will be used as a PATENT explanation during the registration process on the international level. The research is planning to occur for the territory of the City of Obrenovac in Serbia.
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Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic MSc Dip Arch Phd

Research Fellow

Rudnik Urbanism Design Architecture

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