The word “green” today in every construction and development process instantly makes an association with building and architecture that includes general features such as efficient use of energy, renewable integrated systems, and structure that decrease pollution including the waste reduction measures that enabling of re-use and recycling process inside the building. Besides those primary objectives, the “green” also includes secondary objectives like air quality as well as the use of materials that are non-toxic, and that are sustainable at the same time. The third and final “green” objectives include green construction and development process as well as environmentally friendly design, and the quality of life of occupants that makes the “green” circle full.

The Falcon architecture has been designed as a “green” building from the start of the design process. The choice for presenting the falcon bird as an architectural design is a message to all involved future environment consumers that could be in a situation just to pass beside the hotel or to be involved as active inner space users that will enjoy in this green building. Double glazed glass facade, unique falcon wings sun shading system, a green roof with solar PV panels, an atrium roof with a sliding system for natural airflow, recycling water system that will provide the microclimatic pool zone outside of the building with an automatic waste disposal system makes this unique design a green building with a future location in GCC where status “green” makes this design much more valuable.

Falcon building could be easily  transformed also into LUXURY RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS or UNIQUE SHOPPING MALL and that will depend on the Investor’s or Developer’s decision according to their business plan

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