The inspiration for this pre design solution came from the great Vauxhall history.This concept as history kaleidoscope has been made from the links between the Vauxhall Gardens in XVIII centuries, Grand Walk paintings, painted by Canaletto and Mr. Charles Green longest hot-air balloon distance trip from Vauxhall in London to Weilburg in Germany.


The lost in time park space / Vauxhall spring garden 1790 coparing the Vauxhall spring gardens in 2013. The size of that missing garden area from XVIII could be found in 2ha of green open spaces in the new GREEN Park above the railway line.

Vauxhall spring garden

Mr. Charles Green

Aviation Pioneer. Born in London in 1785 , he was balloonist whose outstanding achievements were some of the first in modern flight.

In 1821, he was the first to use hydrogen as a lift percolation and in 1836, with two companions he flew from London to Weilburg, Germany, a distance of 480 miles. His 18-hour trip set a long-distance balloon record for flights from England and was not beaten until 1907.

Mr. Charles Green

Air pollution and actual urban planning documentation

“Air pollution is Britain’s forgotten environmental and public health crisis. Each year, around 29,000 deaths are attributable to man-made fine particulate air pollution in the UK, at a cost to the economy of £15 billion a year. Other pollutants cause further damage to our health and our economy. In 1952, it was believed The Great Smog had killed around 4,000 people in London and catapulted concerns about poor air quality to the top of the political agenda. It led to landmark legislation that improved the quality of the air in Britain’s cities. Only much later, after the new legislation had been adopted, was it discovered that the final death toll from the smog may have been three times as high. In 2010, a study commissioned for the Mayor of London estimated that long-term exposure to fine particulate emissions in London had an impact on mortality of 4,267 deaths in London in 2008. Sixty years on from The Great Smog, the problem of air pollution today is less visible than it was in 1952, but it is still deadly.”

Something in the Air

The forgotten crisis of Britain’s poor air quality / Simon Moore / Edited by Guy Newey / 2012

Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture and Public Realm for Vauxhall, on London’s South Bank

NEW District Multi-functional Linear Park site size : approximately 5 ha above the railway line and 5km promenade for pedestrians and cycling   

skyscraper  with max building heights of 480 m, as a symbol in numbers of Mr. Charles Green great balloon trip of 480 miles.

This design has been awarded in ITA