Yilong Futuristic City
International Design Competition

Floating island

The role model for Yilong eco structural buildings , was traditional yaodong cave homes in China. The floating island architecture was functionally designed, inspired by the Le Corbusier Marseilles block units, where each unit has a three level space, so instead the horizontal conection with three units in traditional yaodong , in the floating island architecture there is vertical connection between the units level , that brings a space for the 2-4 children family, just as the Corbusier design for Marseilles block.

Island Type

A major aspect of site planning for Floating Island , was the location and orientation of the future structure. The orientation of the new structure respect the terrain, and  position of the sun and wind with  intention to  produce significant energy savings in addition to those inherent to earth sheltering structure. Exterior views was also  an important aesthetic and psychological determinant for orientation.

Terrain Type 2

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Submission: November 15, 2017
Registration: October 20, 2017
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Yilong District, Guizhou, China

Copyright protected by IPO created by Dr Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic